Life along the roads – A photo exhibition of Dr István Tarrósy

“Life along the Roads” – Everyday African Realities 2012-2023 Prof. István Tarrósy, Africa researcher and university professor, opened his first solo exhibition on Africa as part of the Africa Days. István Tarrósy first visited Africa in 2000, when he spent a few weeks in Tanzania and Egypt. Since 2000 he has been working on Africa, researching, writing and teaching about Africa. His research mainly focuses on sub-Saharan African countries, issues and processes, supported by field research. Since 2006, he has been regularly returning to the special landscapes and localities of Africa, to the very different corners of this diverse and fascinating continent, where he is captivated by the unique reality of human relations and the coexistence of humans and nature in general. For him, it is a medium that is always good to be “in”, good to return to, and hard to leave. He regularly uses his images to illustrate African reality in his university lectures, and the exhibition aims to do the same, to help the viewer better imagine Africa in everyday life. This is further reinforced by the captions, which are descriptions of stark reality rather than fantasy titles. The exhibition is open until 26 May at CafePartisan. At the closing event, Dr István Tarrósy will tell the unconventional stories of the making of the exhibited pictures. The programme is free of charge, but you should book, see details in the Facebook event.

Lehet, hogy egy kép erről: 2 ember és , szöveg, amely így szól: „INTERNATIONAL SEASONS Sum ÉLET AZ UTAK MENTÉN MINDENNAPI AFRIKAI VALÓSÁGOK FINISSZÁZS Prof. Dr. Tarrósy István tárlatvezetése University "Pécs T AFRICA AFRICARESEARETE CENTRE UNIVERSITYOFPÉC 05|26 19:00 CafePartisan”