Panel 1

Ștefan Cibian

Colonialism and Totalitarianism in CEE and Sub-Saharan Africa: Historical Legacies
and Russia’s War of Aggression against Ukraine

Danilo Babić

Effects of Russo-Ukrainian conflict on the Sahel region and vice versa

Gábor Búr

Putin’s War in Ukraine and Its Consequences for the Grain Supply for the African continent

Kateřina Ženková Rudincová

War in Ukraine in the Context of South African Foreign Policy

Panel 2

Ueli Staeger

African Agency in Global Crises: How Wars in Ukraine and Gaza Affect African Union
Foreign Policies

Zoltán Vörös

Africa in the Midst of a Changing World Order

Viktor Marsai

Imported Havoc – Russian Mercenaries in Africa

Diana Stoica

Is the Russian-Ukrainian War Changing the Face of Decolonization in Western Africa?
The Case of Adama Diarra in Mali