Changes in relations of science, publicity and politics in thinking about Africa at the beginning of the 20th century in Hungary

Edina KICSINDI, University of Pécs, Hungary

Colours and symbols of Ghana at its 50th anniversary

Gabriella SÁNDOR, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, Hungary

Democratization in Africa: What progress by what means?

Göran HYDEN, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Florida, USA

Distribution of power within the post-conflict reconstruction concept [Liberian case]

Kataríná BAJZÍKOVÁ, Comenius University Bratislava-African Centre of Slovakia, Slovakia

Do you believe? [that you can help as a volunteer to Africa]

Ágnes CSORDÁS, TAITA Foundation Hungary, Hungary

External actors in the Somali Conflict since 2004

András HETTYEY, Andrássy University Budapest, Hungary

Healthcare with minimal resources in an African slum area

Szabolcs VÍGVÁRI – Gábor TERNÁK, University of Pécs, Hungary

History of the Sino-Sudanese relationship

Zoltán VÖRÖS, University of Pécs, Hungary

Hungarian peacekeepers in Western Sahara

János BESENYŐ, Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University Budapest, Hungary

In pursuit of livelihood security around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda, – The case of the Batwa minority, 2009

Róbert HODOSI, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Hungary-Norway

Maghrebian prospects in Africa

Petra PATTY, Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary

Maritime piracy, capital, and securitisation of the Somali Basin

Zoltán GLÜCK, Central European University Budapest, Hungary

Micro hydro power plant gives light to Kasugho, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Katalin CSATÁDI, Jane Goodall Institute, Hungary

New triangle of development: Africa–Asia–The Persian Gulf. South-South dynamics and their effects on the transformation of the international system

István TARRÓSY, University of Pécs, Hungary

Patrice Lumumba, le presque Che Guevara du continent africain?

Loránd SZABÓ, University of Pécs, Hungary

Radicalisation among youth in Somalia

Lilla Schumicky, University of Bradford, UK

Reconciliation in Sierra Leone – what does it mean to the ordinary Sierra Leoneans?

Katerina WERKMANN, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic

Social anthropology of colonial and postcolonial sub-Saharan Africa

Hana HORAKOVÁ, University of Pardubice-Metropolitan University Prague, Czech Republic

The refugee issue in Africa: the limitations of the UNHCR

Miklós TÓTH, Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary

The way towards an independent South Sudan

Zoltán ILLÉS, Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary

What happened to them? White settlers in Africa since independence

Gábor BÚR, Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, Hungary